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Promotrieste is the go-to reference hub for tourism

Promotrieste is a tourist consortium of private members that include sector associations under the Confcommercio system, such as Federalberghi, FIPE, the Associazione dei Commercianti al Dettaglio (retailers), and Confindustria through its tourism sector and FIAIP. Members of Promotrieste are hotels, agencies, tour operators, as well as providers of transport and tourist services throughout the Trieste area.

Promotrieste contributes to the development of Trieste and its reputation as a tourist destination through activities promoting the local territory and marketing, training, and pooling of operators.

We promote Trieste throughout Italy and globally, with the aim of increasing numbers of visitors and events in the city.

As the city’s Convention & Visitors Bureau, our role is to build the reputation of the city and raise tourist flow, events and investment to bring an economic return, create new jobs, and hold on to the area’s young people.

We promote and market tourist products and services that operators offer, by building relationships and organising meetings for exchanging skills and relevant materials: we make these available at the trade fairs and events of most relevance to a specific sector.