The consortium

The board of directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Assembly of Members for a three-year term (next elections 2019). The Board is delegated by the Assembly to make decisions regarding strategies and operation of the Consortium, and nominates the Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

Pietro Colavitti
Alex Benvenuti
Emanuele Mura
Associazione Commercianti al Dettaglio Trieste
Vanina Asquini
Illy S.p.A
Fulvio Benvenuti
Confidi Trieste
Gabriella Kropf
Keytre Viaggi
Guerrino Lanci
Federalberghi Trieste
Alessandro Lucchetta
Golden Hotel Resort
Stefano Ogrisek
Confcommercio Trieste
Bruno Vesnaver
FIPE Federazione italiana Pubblici Esercizi Trieste
Riccardo Zanellotti
Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste


Tullio Maestro
Alberto Cappel

The steering committee

The Steering Committee is the consultative body of the Board of Directors, and comprises leaders from the business world plus members from the public sector or education and training. The formula is one of advice and/or proposals regarding goals, interventions to launch, and development of activities, in addition to the Consortium’s general strategy and programmes. The members – whether from public or private sector – are members by right or else nominated by the Board.

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Committee Regulations