Join PromoTrieste

For those operating in the tourist industry or for agencies interested in the sector and wishing to raise their visibility and success in generating business, Promotrieste is the ideal vehicle for obtaining specific results at top-level, making use of a network of contacts both local and global. Through launch of coordinated actions by the Consortium, higher commercial success should certainly be attainable.

What we offer

Representation, a reference system, main-playing in the sector
Consultancy in bringing together tourist products and segments, support for creation of product meetings
Promotional activities and contacts that encourage a meeting of national and international demand with local offer of both leisure and business, through the press, social media, web portals, sector workshops and trade fairs, and one-to-one meetings
Communication and marketing, with organisation of fam trips and site inspections
Coordination and support in the application process for events and conferences, from Italy and abroad
Continuous training and updating to support the entire industry chain, raising specific skills and quality standards
Data and monitoring of numbers and feedback, plus interpretation of the economic value of the tourist asset