Become an ambassador for the Trieste area

Promotrieste promotes a programme aimed at opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals in their local areas and others who each in their own field can bear witness as spokesman for the values of their home territory or place of operation.

With the underlying support of Promotrieste, the ambassador’s mission is to put forward Trieste as a top centre for major conferences, seminars or meetings.

In this adventure, ambassadors are provided with practical multimedia resources and information to incorporate into their own material, reports, presentations, statements or testimonials about the value of their territory. This support will enable them to promote the value of Trieste and the opportunities offered by the city on economic, scientific and cultural forums.

Ambassadors can contribute to the economic development of their own region, and help raise the profile of their city; furthermore, being Ambassador

akes a significant and professional contribution to the promotional content

Raises the individual reputation of the organisation or business in the relevant professional sector

Builds specific know-how for launching development research ideas and strategies in a specific geographical area

Plays a part in activating a wider network of international contacts of professionals, who will have a key role in selecting the destination

Paves the way for recognition among colleagues at local, national and international level

Support to Our Ambassadors

Promotrieste provides a number of services and tools during application and organisational phases:

Suggestions for the best structures and hotels for an event
Links to top event organisers and services
Ideas for putting together a programme of side events
Support in the preparation of application documentation
Support for invitational letters and welcomes from leading institutions
Help in organising inspections by reference contractors, whether international or national
Contribution to publicity and PR campaign