Why Trieste

Trieste is Italy’s windy city, renowned for its wintry blasts and spritzy summer air. Set in the far corner of Italy, wedged between the Carso hills and the Adriatic sea, it inhales life from the all-embracing sea, its streets descending steeply to the water through a maze of white neoclassical and liberty palaces. The weather is often in flux here, the sky a deep blue hue, the coffee drunk as nowhere else in the world.

With its Austro-Hungarian heritage, deep commercial roots, witness to the golden era of the close of the 1800s, Trieste boasts many important museums and theatres, and is a place that is truly multicultural and multifaith.

A city of literature with trails dedicated to Svevo, Saba and Joyce, Trieste fostered Basaglia’s revolution in psychiatry, while here it is also possible to visit Italy’s only crematorium from World War II - the Risiera di San Sabba.

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Eleven unmissable things to do in Trieste

Stroll around Piazza Unità d’Italia, and wait for the sunset on Molo Audace
Visit the Colle di San Giusto (San Giusto hill) and the Cathedral, to see the Roman ruins and the spot where the city has its origins
isit the Miramare Castle and listen to the story of Maximilian and Charlotte
Take a tour of the various religious buildings (San Giusto Cathedral, the Synagogue, San Nicolò, San Spiridione, the Lutheran Evangelist Church)
Track down Joyce, Svevo, Saba on their literary trails, and snap a photo with their statues at the city’s symbolic sites
Learn to order coffee like a Triestino, and visit all the historic cafes
Go down into the Carso tourist cave, the Grotta Gigante – the largest in Europe
Eat at least one panino with prosciutto cotto, mustard and kren (fresh horseradish)
Sip a spritz or aperitivo on the seafront, along with a portion of “sardoni panai” (breaded sardines)
Follow a red arrow with a green branch – this will whisk you to an ‘Osmiza’, a traditional trattoria on the Carso where you can enjoy salami, cheese, eggs, all local produce
On the right days... be led by the bora on the windiest city streets

Le guide tematiche di Trieste

Trieste sweets and coffee
Alla scoperta dei dolci tradizionali di Trieste e dei rinomati caffè storici


Trieste in Mountain Bike
A un passo da Trieste, il Carso offre percorsi e visite spettacolari agli amanti della bici


Trieste sui binari
La storia di Trieste è legata allo sviluppo della ferrovia: un lato inedito e originale per scoprire la nostra città


Organizing your visit

There are places to stay in Trieste to suit every need: 4- and 5-star hotels, apartments for families with children, but also attractive private residences right in the centre or agro-tourism centres in the countryside just 20 minutes from the city.

For those who love activity holidays, it is easy to spend time locked away in nature, discover the Carso by bike, or even sail in the Gulf of Trieste in one of the most popular regattas in the world, the Barcolana.

To enjoy a stay in Trieste to the full, there are professionals at hand for organising city visits, topical trips and a variety of tours, whether cultural, architectural, historical or literary. But it is also possible to plan courses for coffee tasting, take a Vespa tour of the Carso, visit wine cellars, or try out wine and olive-oil tasting sessions.

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