Promotrieste’s members and Steering Committee include leading businesses and other bodies in all sectors of the local economy. Investing in Trieste today really is an opportunity to weigh up seriously.

The city is growing, tourist figures are up 5% year on year, and the sectors that traditionally drive the economy such as finance, insurance, coffee, technology transfer, start-up incubators, are today stepping into the future alongside a unique project in the Porto Vecchio area.

Why invest in Trieste

Trieste is a city that has remained rather shy, but which in recent years has sparked off the interest of visitors, students, investors. Here are just a few of the excellent reasons for taking things a step further:

It is a city of fascination, with growing international air, truly cosmopolitan and multi-cultural – a place where quality of life is high and many sectors are still in growth phase
The city occupies a strategic position at the intersection of Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and various countries of Central Europe
There are short- to medium-term plans for improving and developing Europe’s longest waterfront, the Porto Vecchio, an area recently in private ownership
The city hosts many centres of excellence in advanced education (including the School for Interpreters, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, the Synchrotron), which along with the university attract increasing numbers of students each year from countries worldwide
In the local area there is also the AREA Science Park, a science and technology park that produces research and innovation, hosts 2400 professionals, and operates as a business incubator, helping to secure investment funding and finance opportunities

Weigh up all the factors

Do you worry that opening a business or expanding in Italy is complicated? Are you looking for a stimulating environment vis-à-vis investment, reliable information, a chance to evaluate your business against others?

Promotrieste can offer potential investors – free and confidentially:

Detailed information and contacts in the various sectors
Choice of location, properties, or the best rental opportunities
Access to the top professionals in the legal and financial sectors through its own members
Contact with strategic partners and businesses with potential interest in collaborati
Contact with the research institutions and university, with the aim of seeking out top talents
A network of entrepreneurs and contacts to get you doing business quickly

Making contact with the right people

Promotrieste has a network of contacts in the local area, making it the perfect hub for getting in touch with local institutions, the chamber of commerce, Confindustria, Confcommercio.

In addition, the Consortium is umbrella to many of the associations in the reference category, representing an invaluable support in the process of establishment and consolidation of a new business